Badger Towing is now equipped for serious
 or major off-road recovery work.  
But if we can't help you recover your vehicle, we'll do our best to direct you to a reputable company with the equipment to do the job

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Medium Duty Wrecker  

Advanced Recovery Options

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          4X4 Wrecker
 At Badger Towing, we specialize in Light & Medium Duty Towing in Fairbanks and the surrounding areas. We also offer Private Property Impounds, Lockouts, Jump Starts and Vehicle Disposal.
With our fleet of light duty wheel-lift wreckers and fully-equipped rollback tow trucks, Badger Towing can transport your vehicle safely in any conditions. We even have 4x4 rollbacks for those hard-to-reach places! 

Badger Towing is committed to service and safety, and that means our tow truck will deliver your car to it's destination safe and sound.   

The crew at Badger Towing understands that if you have to call a towtruck, you're probably not having a great day. 

So we'll do our best to ensure your tow experience is as simple & pleasant as possible!

We use specialty  tow trucks and equipment to accomodate your vehicle's towing requirements, no matter what you drive!

We're proud to offer a rotating rollback tow truck for accident recovery in hazardous situations. 
The deck rotates ninety degrees to the side, and it's  the only one of it's kind in Alaska.
We can turn the deck sideways to recover a vehicle without holding up traffic.

This keeps everybody safer, and reduces secondary wrecks at accident scenes.

   Basic Daytime
Towing Charges:
$85.00 callout plus $4.00 per mile after 1st 5 miles 
from vehicle location to destination

Separate fees may apply after hours, for winch time, recovery, dollies, cleanup time, no key, impounds, etc. 
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