For the best price quote, 

Have as much of the following information as you can 
when you call for your junk car removal quote:

~Year, Make & Model of vehicle
        ~License plate number or VIN (serial) number
        ~2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive?
~General condition:
            Is the body all there? the glass?
            Does it have 4 tires? do they hold air?
            What do you know about the motor? the transmission?

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If you need a vehicle removed from your property that doesn't belong to you, 
and you don't have a title for it, 
the vehicle may have to be impounded to legally haul it off.  

We can do that, but impoundment of total junk is likely to incur a fee.

Vehicles going to the Borough Landfill may require a Borough Vehicle Disposal form   
         Badger will be happy to provide this form if you need one,
    or you can download and print your own:

Junk Car Removals/ Disposals

If it's been wrecked, doesn't run, or you just don't want that old car anymore, 
Call Badger Towing to clean up your property!​

Badger offers reduced towing rates for junk cars!

 If your junk car has sufficient salvage value, 
we might just tow it away for FREE!   
~  "Lawn Ornaments"
~  Unfinished projects
~  Teenager's hot rod
~Tenant's abandoned vehicles
~  Or that car/truck you just don't want anymore!
So Call for a Quote Today! 457-4357 ​

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